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Daniel Heine

Daniel Heine

NRW, Germany



My Name is Daniel Heine and I'm a photographer born and raised in the Ruhrgebiet, Germany. I'm specialized on industrial and landscape photography but try to gather as many beautiful moments as I can. My Pictures usually are rich of colors and contrasts. I try to combine the natural appeareance of my pictures with aspects of surreal elements created with modern image processing technologies to achieve my own individual style.

If you like my versatile pictures and styles you're invited to take a look at my galeries, find your own piece of art and leave a comment if you wish.

'Going with the tide isn't a bad thing, if it's your tide'

All images �Daniel Heine. All rights reserved. Copying and/or distributing these images without my permission is strictly prohibited.


Tower of pipes by Daniel Heine


Factory on the hill by Daniel Heine


Tower of a coking plant colorkey by Daniel Heine


Coking plant Thyssen by Daniel Heine


Highway to Essen by Daniel Heine


Candy colored Factory by Daniel Heine


Partyship at night by Daniel Heine


Powerhouse in a sea of lights by Daniel Heine


Speicherstadt Hamburg by Daniel Heine


Shipyard in Hamburg by Daniel Heine


Coal fired powerhouse by Daniel Heine


Memories of the coal by Daniel Heine


Colliery in Sunset by Daniel Heine


Factory under the stars by Daniel Heine


Factory at the river by Daniel Heine